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Sunday School

Welcome to the St.Gregorios, Austin Sunday School page. The Sunday school at our parish has 31 students and 9 dedicated teachers and 4 substitute teachers. Every sunday, after the Holy Qurbana, we have singing session, prayer and then proceed to classes.

The Sunday school follows the regular school year calendar and the school year starts in August and ends in May. The classes are conducted every Sunday after church service. The Sunday school follows the curriculum approved and published by the Sunday School Association of Indian Orthodox Church

Other than classes children participates in various activities.  Some of the activities are food drives, bake sale, Christmas activities; We started a program called Bible Crusade in 2009. This program was designed to help the children understand the different books of bible. Every week the children read a portion of the bible and complete questions until that book was complete.  The Bible Crusade was created to help the children read and understand the bible in their daily lives.
The children participated in Area and Regional competition during the months of March and April.  In the summer we conduct OVBS. This is the opportunity to have fellowship and fun in the summer.
With the grace of God and support of our priest, parents and dedicated teacher our Sunday School is successful.



Sunday School Workbooks

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 9
Grade 10

Sunday School Text Books

Grade 1 (Part 1)
Grade 1 (Part 2)
Grade 4 (Part 1)
Grade 4 (Part 2)
Grade 8
Grade 9

Sunday School Area Competition 2009

Sunday School Area Competition 2009 Songs info
Sunday School Area Competition 2009 Essay-BibleQuiz-Speech info
Sunday School Area Competition 2009 GroupSong-Prayer info

The Great Lent

The Great lent or the fifty day's lent is observed as a preparation for our Lord's death on the cross and His resurrection.

The great lent is a time for prayers, fasting, repentance and reconciliation with God. It's a time to be thankful for all the blessings the Lord has showered on us.

Fasting and Prayer are an integral part of the great lent. The Lord taught us "Except by prayer and fasting, it is not possible to gain victory over Satan - St. Mathew 17:21".

During lent we take special care to protect our mind from the temptations of the evil one. Fasting helps us grow spiritually, by controlling emotions and desires.

Along with fasting and prayer, there should also be acts of love and compassion. We must give the poor what we have saved through fasting. God's grace spreads more in us when we share our fortunes with the less fortunate.

The change that occurs in our life is what gives meaning to the Great lent.

Great Lent Special Prayer (Malayalam)

Passion Week Special Prayer (Malayalam)

The Great Lent Guide

The Great Lent Guide was designed to guide our Sunday School children spiritually through the Great Lent. It has activities on each day of the 50 days of Lent. It has special Lent prayers (translated to English), bible readings for the day, information about charitiable initiatives, and an activity checklist.

Click here to download the online viewable version of 'The Great Lent Guide' (5.2M)

Click here to download the printable version (as a bookfold) of 'The Great Lent Guide' (5.2M)

Sunday School Annual Food Drive

The St.Gregorios Orthodox Church Austin Sunday School will be organizing its Annual Food Drive from February 25, 2007 to March 10, 2007 and will benefit the Austin Capital Area Food Bank. You are kindly requested to donate non perishable food items in the food donation box. We thank you for your support for the drive.


Giving Back Corner

Pidi Ari Project

Making a Difference, one can, at a time...

39580 lbs

of canned food donated since the start of the project. Thank you!

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