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HEAP (Higher Education Assistance for the Poor): The cost of higher education has skyrocketed in the past many years and has reached a point where the financially poor families are unable to afford it. The HEAP project provides education assistance to students who would like to pursue their higher education.
A student in a backward place secured 80% marks in her exams. Unfortunately, she is unable to continue her because her parents are so poor that they are unable to pay the fees. The aim of the HEAP project is to provide financial educational assistance for pursuing higher education to such students from financially poor families in financially backward areas of Kerala. This year, 22 students have been selected as part of this project. Out of them, 18 students are from Idukki diocese and 4 are from Thrissur diocese. The project works in cooperation with the ICON Charities REAP Project for the selecting students from Idukki diocese. The project works in coordination with the Anveshi project to support the students of Thrissur diocese.

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Pidi Ari Project

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of canned food donated since the start of the project. Thank you!

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